Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nature Inspired Crafts!

 At the end of April Sarah put a call out to do an ATC swap. I signed up right away, and to my surprise she was the one I was sending my ATC to. I was very excited, and I already had an idea. The theme for the ATC was grow. Using some cotton fabric scraps, felt, buttons and a first time freezer paper stencil experience - here is what I created for Sarah:
A little fabric Artist Trading Card, with the theme grow. On one side is a cute little nest, with two robin's eggs, and the word grow (the theme), on the other side is a cute little chick with the initials HG, which stands for my etsy site (I will get there, no worries). This little trading card was so fun, it inspired me to make this:
A 6"x4" piece of sewn artwork! Which I have just put on my etsy site! I have created a new collection on my site, called Sew Artsy. I have so many other ideas for these little pieces of art and I am just bursting to sew them (I just have to find the time). You can see my etsy site here, or search Hooked Goods. I am still trying to get things on the site, it takes a long time to photograph everything, but I'm getting there.

So there you have it, some crafting completed, and my etsy site finally unveiled! Let me know what you think, I would love some feedback, on the craft and the site :)


  1. I loved your ATC soooo much! I must remember to post about it this week, I've been so behind on everything.

    Thanks for my very first fabric ATC! :D


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