Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Presenting Research

At the end of April, I mentioned that I would be presenting research that I did on Gros Morne National Park (here). Last year in April I attended the Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium at the Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing, NY. At this conference I presented half of my research on Gros Morne National Park (GMNP), also see the Parks Canada site. More specifically the research looked at how the creation of GMNP affected the lives of the local community members. It was a really interesting research topic, I was able to speak to a number of community members and hear stories about growing up in a beautiful, but sometimes trying place.

Some photos of my trip last spring:
It was such a beautiful place! Today I am leaving for a second conference, in order to present the second half of my research. This year, I am staying a little closer to home. My mom is travelling with me to St. Chatharine's, Ontario. We will be staying with my Great-Aunt in Ancaster for a couple nights, and a hotel one night. I can't wait! And to start out, my mom and I have signed up for a wine tour this afternoon, hosted by the conference. I will definitely take some photos and share them upon my return. I will be gone until Saturday the 21st, and then I will head up to the cottage to spend some time with Reggie, Gunner and the in-laws! Don't worry I have scheduled posts for your reading pleasure!

See you soon!

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