Thursday, May 5, 2011

Through my Lens: St. John's from Sarah's perspective

This week's through my lens post comes to us from one of my lovely sponsors who loves and lives in my second home!! She's got some great shots of the capital as well as some great tips, if you ever want to visit the beautifully colourful destination. :)
Hello, everyone!

My name is Sarah, author of Atlantic Atlantis, and resident of the great city of St. John's, Newfoundland.

When Margot first asked me to write this guest post, I was at a loss! What should I say? How could I possibly began to explain this unique and ridiculous city in which I live?

So I thought I'd go with the facts. :)


We're the oldest city in North America! Since 1497, my dears. Unfortunately, the Great Fire destroyed many of the beautiful old buildings in 1892.


We party. REALLY HARD. Our bars are open late (realll late), and you won't see many people head downtown before midnight.


Speaking of partying and downtown, we have George Street. George Street is the mecca of party lovers far and wide. It has the most bars/pubs per square foot of ANY street in North America. Yes, we have our priorities in check.


Signal Hill is cool, but the Basilica is cooler.


Driving is a nightmare. And not because there's lots of crazy rush-hour freeways. But simply, the streets were made for horse and buggy! Driving downtown if you're not from around here is pretty much impossible. A combination of hundreds of one way streets, six way intersections (like a star!) with no lights, and roads only wide enough for someone on hoof not wheels? It doesn't make for an easy going time.


Not everyone has an accent (I don't, sadly) and no one is a fisherman. Well, there might be a scatter fisherperson somewhere - but you'd be hard pressed to find one in the city.


We might not all have accents, but we do have our own way of talking. Be sure to pick up the Dictionary of Newfoundland English (not much to learn, only 847 pages - ha!) before you visit. Eh, b'y!


If someone finds out you're from away, they WILL Screech you in. Say yes, and demand you go to Trapper John's. They do it right!


An umbrella is no good here, but you wouldn't last a week without a rain jacket. More wind and rain and fog than you can fathom. St. John's is the foggiest, snowiest, wettest, windiest, and cloudiest, city in Canada. Don't say I didn't warn you!


And finally, the food. If you visit, have a touton (fried bread dough). Get some Purity syrup (mixes into a sugar-y sweet drink). See if you can find someone to cook you a Jigg's Dinner (chicken, salt beef, pease pudding, dressing, OH MY). Have an India Pale Ale (the best beer you'll ever have). And heck, hit up the Ziggy Fries truck while you're down on George Street - order a poutine, you'll thank me later. ♥

Thanks so much Sarah! I have to say I have experienced most of what she has highlighted, and she is certainly right! If you want to learn more about her, or the place she lives, or her fantastic adventures click on her link in the side-bar!


  1. Ahhhh Sarah talking about St. John's just made me so homesick!!!
    All of it is true! On the note of partying hard a woman I just started working with is from Nova Scotia. When she found out I'm a Newf she said to my boss - Newfies are the only people who have more sex than Nova Scotians. Hahaha!

    Oh how I miss india pale ale and a good walk down duckworth.

  2. wow, i had no idea you lived in such a fabulous place sarah!!! that is so cool!


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