Tuesday, May 31, 2011


And enter summer Margot, who is full of energy and enthusiasm and always working with the public in a very active and entertaining manner.
NHE stands for Natural Heritage Education. In the summer I work for Ontario Parks, in one of the smaller parks, as a Natural Heritage Education Leader. This means I coordinate programming, guest speakers, events and activities for the campers. I have a history of outdoor, environmental and cultural heritage education and this translates very well into what I do now. I love it! I love working with the public; sharing my passion, stories and tales; being outside (even in the rain); and learning - there is always something new to learn.

Right now I am at (yet another) conference, with all the other NHE people from all over Ontario. It is a great opportunity to network, and learn about other parks that I have yet to have the opportunity to experience. I will be sure to update you with some fun tidbits from my week. I hope your week is lovely so far!

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