Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Workshop - Rug Hooking 101

So with all my talk about rug hooking, I thought I should give you a little view into how it is done. Here are some of the Rugs that I have completed.

< The first rug I hooked, a kit desgined by Molly at Molly Made

> My third rug, a design that was inspired by an older kit that my grandmother had (something else I inherited from her)

And my pride and joy:
I made this rug for my parents for Christmas. It was supposed to be for Christmas 2009, and when I started it in August 2009 I thought I had lots of time ahead of me. But no, unfortunately when I was still in school and working, rug hooking had to take the back burner. And then I worked on it a little here and there. Then in October 2010, I decided I had to get to work (after a quick trip to my second home in Sept I was energized). But when December 26th rolled around (when we visited), I still wasn't finished. So I wrapped it, and gifted it to my parents and when they opened it said "I have to take it back with me to finish it". Luckily no one was too stressed, and I got it done by mid-feb when I visited them. Now it has a place of honour at their cottage :)

Now, for your to start your own hooking projects. Visit the tutorials page and follow the appropriate link!

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