Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eyelash Envy

When I was living in Newfoundland I had the chance to hike out to a beautiful place, called Chimney Cove, to see the community's cows at pasture. Such beautiful creatures, and look at those eyelashes! This was a great day, with a challenging but rewarding hike! I will share more photos of the view later. I just can't get over how curious and gentle these animals are. I was even able to approach them and feel the soft fur between their eyes. These cows have a great life, they spend their summers by the sea with lots of fresh grass and water, and most spend their winter gorging on hay in a local barn.

The other day I was snuggling on the couch with my nephew loo, and as he pretended to sleep I noticed his luscious lashes and remembered a time when my mom used to make daily comments about the unfairness of my long black eyelashes.
Photos by Crystal from Crafty Ave
And my niece, Beri, has them too! Ohh the injustice of getting old!

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  1. I think eyelashes just come adult-sized from the start, and the rest of us grows up around them.


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