Friday, March 18, 2011

It's almost here!

Last night there was the most incredible thunderstorm! I love storms :) When I was young I would lay awake and watch them through my window, and was always upset if I happened to sleep through one. Well last night about 10pm, there was a huge roll of thunder, and initially I thought "it can't be thunder, it's too early in the season". Was I ever wrong, there was thunder and lightning well into the evening. Actually, I fell asleep to the rumbles and sporadic light show through my window. This means spring, and even summer is close! I am starting to get really excited for warmer weather (I generally prefer cool crisp days, to the hot humid summer we get around here). But until then I am happy to layer up and grab a chai latte for the trip!

Check back later on for another weekend workshop!


  1. Hope that's YOUR photo! Nice shot.

  2. Unfortunately no, that's why there is a source below it. :( I aspire to make a shot like that!


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