Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Obsession: Pottery

As I was washing some dishes the other day I realized I have a lot of pottery. I remember when my Grandfather passed away and we were moving my Grandmother into a smaller place, she had lots of pottery pieces that no one else wanted. I gratefully accepted all of them! Here is some of my collection:
Some of them I have collected over time, some I received as gifts, and some I got has hand-me-downs. But I love every single piece. And here are a few of my favourites:
Milk and Sugar set

Spice, Jam and Honey pots

Raku Bowl, and mug made by the Kerslakes
I have a hard time at craft shows, or studio tours. I am always drawn to the pottery booths and I know I can't afford $16 for one mug, but they are so beautiful! Every time I go into a thrift store I find myself standing just a little too long in the kitchen wares section, drooling over old pottery bowls. Although I suppose a thrift store is a more affordable place to feed my addiction.

What is your obsession?


  1. Spend the $16, even if it's only to be able to pass something along to YOUR grandchildren.
    I know: put one's money where one's words come from!
    Still, I feel the same about pottery use. I appreciate supporting local artisans, and the aura of items that have been produced for millenia.
    Functionality can be had at a cheaper price, but think how little it really costs per use, over its lifetime.
    Keep enjoying. Keep collecting.

  2. Thanks Michael, I will. But slowly at this stage in my life. I'm off to a pretty good start don't you think?


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