Monday, March 21, 2011

Lazy Monday

Everyone keeps saying that today is the first full day of spring. But this morning we had wet snow on the ground, and it is a little cooler outside. Reggie and I had a day off together yesterday, and spent most of it spring cleaning. We are working at getting the yard cleaned up as the snow continues to melt and also to get the grit out of the house. Also, yesterday was my first day off after a streak of seven days working (which is why my posts were quite short, and there was no crafting), so I think after all my hard work I am ready for a lazy day! Thanks mother nature for encouraging me to stay inside and get some blogging and crafting done.
 Gunner agrees that today is a good day to relax with a toy or cuddle up on a blanket with a teddy. Isn't he cute!?
So after my long working streak I was supposed to have a few (5) days off in a row. But one of the owners at the store I work at has asked me to come in and help with some receiving. I am happy to have the hours! But... Here is the list of things that I was planning on getting done this week:
  • Finish the coasters I started at the beginning of March
  • Knit the shawl for my wedding, using some beautiful handspun
  • Get my taxes submitted (eek)
  • Write the tutorial I promised last Friday
  • Write an article on hooking for my friend at Let it Unravel
  • Start planting some seeds (inside) to gear up for a season of gardening!
I plan on continuing with these goals, but I'm sure I will not get them all done with fewer days off. That being said, I will try my best!

How is your spring going so far?


  1. I'm getting ready to start my seeds {inside} too.... except I lost all the seeds I purchased several weeks ago. Don't you know that once I buy new ones I'll find the other ones! ;-)
    Good luck getting your goals accomplished!


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