Sunday, February 27, 2011

Warmth for the Wedding

I am getting married in September of this year, which is no surprise to many people, but perhaps something I have neglected to share while blogging. And being the Newfoundlander at Heart that I am, I am going to do/make/organize as much as I can on my own (that is with the help of friends and family, and not the professional kind). Last week I posted about the scarflette that I knit with hand dyed and spun wool from Shawn at Island Sweet. Also last week, I found my wedding reception outfit (being the casual girl that I am, I plan on changing into jeans for the dinner). My mother commented: "late September can be pretty cool, we are going to have to find you some sort of knit thing to wear as a shawl". And my mind instantly drifted back to the beautiful yarn that Shawn produces. I sent her an e-mail inquiring about the possibility of a custom skein, and 11 e-mails later here is what she created:

 It will begin it's long journey from Newfoundland to me tomorrow! I can't wait! Thanks so much for doing this Shawn, it is going to be the perfect addition to my special day.

And yes, this does mean there will be more DIY wedding to come... it's still 7 months away, don't get too greedy!

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