Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring is in the air, and the garden is calling

For Valentine’s Day I did not want cut flowers because they die so quickly, I feel it is too sad, and also a waste of money. So on heart day Reggie came home with potted bulbs; spring flowers that were already starting to bloom! The lovely thing about these beautifully colourful blooms is that when they die the nutrients go back into the bulb and I can plant them in the garden to bloom next spring.

So with these brightly coloured spring flowers blooming in my home, and the recent warm weather we had in this area I was just about ready to get out my gardening gloves and shovel. And then the temperature went waaay down, and my delusion of an early gardening season went back into hibernation. Well February is much too early anyhow, I look forward to April when the snow melts, the breeze is warm and the days are longer.

Have a happy family day with those you care about!

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