Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't forget the Ugly Stick

Newfoundland music is a wonderful thing, so happy and from the heart! Earlier, I posted about my experience kissing the cod... As wonderful an experience as that was, the best part of that night was the music played by some of the local people. The photo below is friends from the Gros Morne area playing some traditional Newfoundland instruments. My friend Jessica, from Mauzy Metalworks (take a look, although the site is still under construction), on the ugly stick!

Music is a significant part of the cultural history of Newfoundland. In the past, the Newfoundland winter was a long, cold and lonely season (and is still long and cold); most of the local people would spend their time working to cut down wood, hook rugs, move snow, and anything else that could be completed to make life in the winter a little easier. However, when there was some downtime from the hard work people would get together to play music and sing, and enjoy some time together. In many cases it was music that got them through the hard times.

Here is a short video I made that highlights some traditional Newfoundland music. This is a band that plays in Rocky Harbour a few nights a week during the summer. I never had the chance to see them, but I heard that it is fantastic show, and one not to be missed (oops). Also, you can see an 'ugly stick' in action (the instrument that looks like a mop:) Please take a look, and enjoy some entertainment from the Rock.

 Looks like a great way to spend a summer's eve, doesn't it?

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