Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Game in the Freezer!

I refer to my close Newfoundland friends as family. The way they took me in to their homes, and shared stories, experiences and life lessons was so special I couldn’t think of them any other way. 

On September 12th, 2009 we woke up at 4:15am, packed the truck and piled in. I was going on my first hunting adventure! We were going to get a moose. I was so excited I’d never been hunting before, let alone moose hunting (and only ever shot a gun a few times, once during target practice for this event). I was amazed that I was wide awake at such a dark and early time of day. But I was excited to see what the day would include. I’m not going to do into too much detail, take a look at the collage below. We were successful! We got a fine young Bull Moose, and he was good eating (as my Newfoundland family would say).

After I returned from Newfoundland that year I was lucky to meet the man of my dreams. Many people thought that I would meet a Newfoundland boy, move there and never return to my Ontario friends and family. However, I met my future husband in Ontario! And even though he thinks I am a little obsessed with Newfoundland, I think he is also a Newfoundlander at heart. He lives to hunt and fish, which follows the traditional hunter/gatherer self-sufficient way of life! I am afraid I don’t have a moose recipe for you, but I do have a scrumptious plate that my love made for me recently. Roast venison, with asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes. Delicious!

I will give you the ingredients for the roast, but I don’t know the exact recipe as I have only ever had it cooked for me.

Maple Roast Venison
1          roast
1 lb      maple smoked bacon
3          onions, cut into large pieces
1 pkg   onion dip mix
1 bottle beer

As far as I know, you layer the bacon and onions on top of the roast, put the onion mix on the very top and add the beer. Put in the oven (with a meat thermometer) at 350˚F, and cook until thermometer reads med-rare (as beef).

Happy hunting! See you soon!

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