Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Wedding Update

I gave a hint earlier about the favours that I am giving out at the wedding, and I wanted to give you a little more. At the beginning of July I went to a music festival, and one of the vendors made large wooden beads, and wooden combs. My Aunt bought four beads and my mom bought three (or maybe it was the other way around), either way I thought they were wonderful so I went to take a look. I found this one:
While I was looking at it my Aunt walked over and offered to purchase one for me. And then because she had created so much business for the vendor he gave her two piles of wood veneer. As a thank you. She decided that I might be able to use them for something in my wedding, and gave her hard earned commission to me!
I am not going to tell you exactly what I will be using them for, but I will say that they will help make the favours a little cuter! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Today is my Saturday, so I'm not quite halfway through.:)

Also, if you are reading in a reader, please click on over to the blog and check out my new design. I am excited about the bright fresh look! What do you think?

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