Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spend little, Save alot!

This past week I worked hard on the 7 day push. I carried over the eating fruits and veggies, and I found that the more I incorporated the better I felt. Something about fresh food that feels good! I found the best way for me to make sure I was getting my recommended daily intake was to always take some raw cut veggies with me for lunch, and put a plate of them out at supper.
I was also working on increasing my water intake, which was good. I like drinking water, and I feel like it is the most refreshing of drinks one could consume.

This week, the push is a no spend week. Which is going to be difficult. I have to pick up shoes for the wedding, and I am going to Toronto with some friends this weekend as a birthday/bachelorette celebration, I also have some other running around to do for the wedding. My plan is: aside from the spending that I had  already scheduled I am going to try to keep any excessive spending down. So no chai lattes, buying only what groceries are needed, no new clothes or music or other things that aren't a necessity. It might be a bit of a struggle with two trips to the big city scheduled, but I think I can manage.


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