Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the Garden: Neglect

In July we had one of the hottest, and driest months on record in a while. I tried to visit my garden, and water it regularly enough that nothing would wilt away. Then came August, and in the first few days of the month we received almost half of the average rainfall for the month. And the garden took to the back burner. Reggie told me after cutting the grass in the far corner of our yard, that the garden was looking a little sad. The next day I spent some time pulling weeds that were attempting to take over, and look what I found:
The radishes are done, the zucchini is coming along nicely, the sweet peas are sweet as can be, and this little guy just about gave me a heart attack when he hopped out from under a tomato plant.
The banana pepper and tomato plants are heavy with small fruit that is shortly going to overwhelm our kitchen with fresh deliciousness. The broccoli is surprising me, I thought it was dead and unlikely to produce, but the leaves look right, and I'm wondering if we might get a few small heads anyways. And the butternut squash. No fruit yet, but sooo many flowers, something tells me I'll be freezing squash for winter baking!
The Plox are a gorgeous bright purple colour, and one of the few flowers we have left in the garden. And the roses are all gone, the rose hips are all that remain of the soft summer beauty.

So I suppose that even though I forgot about my garden for a little while, it is still working away to grow and produce some delicious treats for us. I am excited for when the bigger veggies are ready to eat, and soon my very favourite treat will be upon us - pumpkin! I have never had a lot of luck growing them, so I usually buy them in the fall from the farmers market. mmmm!

How is your garden growing? Have you had any tasty treats yet?

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  1. Great Shots!
    Just watching Nature of Things presentation on climate change.
    Don't let your garden go!


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