Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Cottage

So about a month ago, right when I got back from presenting my research in St. Catharines, I headed up to Reggie's family cottage for some down time. I'm not sure how a month went by without me ever posting about it, but it sure flew!
Reggie spent most of his weekend fishing, and Gunner spent it swimming with auntie Hannah (hehe). I swam, and read a magazine, and helped my mom-in-law burn half of an old couch that has been sitting around for some time. lol The boys were out for a fish, and we decided to have a fire, and one thing led to another. The bugs weren't too bad, but they were there. And when we tried to leave on Monday it rained, and poured and forced us to sit, relax and eat. What else are you supposed to do in such a small space when it is pouring? And all that rain left the drive out looking a little enchanted forest like. :) I so love long weekends, and lucky for us there is another one coming up soon!

I'm headed to a shower this afternoon, it sounds as though lots of family and friends will be attending. I will be sure to share upon my return!

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