Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In the Garden: Planted

So I finally got all my seeds in the ground. I was feeling really bad for a while, like I had planned to be so on top of the game, but there were a lot of things going on. Anyhow, on the weekend, I took a couple hours and organized and planted my veggie garden.
So this is Gunner starting to run through the veggie garden, I had only the night before planted. (Needless to say it is the only photo, because I got a little upset and the camera was put away. On a positive note, he didn't really disturb anything.) So in the closest row, we have chives, onions, garlic and carrots (the onions and chives and a few garlic are already up). Then in the second row we have peas and beans - I still have to make fences for these, but we will give them some time first. In the third row: radish, and alternating rows of baby carrots and lettuce, which I will continue to plant for the next few weeks. And in the final row zucchini and butternut squash. There will be a few more things going in, but they will be seedlings, so there is less stress.

I also took a stroll around, and snapped a few photos of other parts of my garden - it's very lush from all the rain!
Black currants have turned in, I will have to try and make something out of these this year!

A little brown spider landed on my arm, so I put him in the grass. I think he looks more at home here, don't you?
 Irises are out, and roses just about to bloom.
I told Reggie the other day, that I wanted to put a bunch back there, so I can sit and enjoy it - I think I would like to build it. We will see! I will be sure to update you when I get the rest of the veggies planted!

How is your garden growing? Please share!

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