Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Weekend (and recent obsession)

I know I promised yesterday that I would give you a garden update today, but then I realzed my photos are on my computer at work... So an update on my weekend so far. Friday evening we spent some time with neighbours, enjoyed a warm fire on a cool evening along with some good friends. Yesterday, we relaxed had a late brunch, listened to the rain for a while in the afternoon, and then headed to a friend's cottage to celebrate her birthday. It was great! But we got back very late last night, and were a little worse for wear this morninng. I headed in to town to work at the store this afternoon, and I came home to Reggie getting some delicious looking pasta ready! I'm excited. And it is rather cool right now, so I'm thinking it would be a good night to stay in a play with some fabric I bought a while back and have yet to transform!
Ohh, and of course an update on the baby birds (a bit of an obsession, I know). They are about 11 days old now, and really too big for the nest. I think they will be flying soon; which is bittersweet because they are so sweet and I love to watch them grow, but I am so happy that they made to the point where they can fly and take care of themselves!

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