Thursday, June 30, 2011

In the Garden: Planting Gifts (and other catch-up:)

No, I'm not claiming that I am gifted at planting, but I was gifted some lovely plants and have finally found the time to plant them. :)
So my garden is coming along nicely, and soon some of my gifted plants will be blooming, and Then I will be really excited!

I have this morning off, which is wonderful seeing as it is day 10 of 12 straight days working. I enjoyed sleeping in just a little longer, eating a leisurely breakfast, drinking almost an entire pot of tea, and catching up on some blog stuff.
I have to run into town quickly to get a couple things, and I am hoping to finish off this up-cycled shirt I started a couple nights ago. Then a friend of mine is coming over, and I think we are going to cut my hair before going to work.

I hope your day is beautiful where ever you are!

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