Monday, June 13, 2011

In the Garden

At the end of last week, I finally got the rest of my garden in to place. Here are some photos, and some tips on planting!

I take my small indoor watering can with me, because it is easier to handle and get just the right amount of water where I want it.
When planting seedlings, I always start by placing them on the soil where I think I want them. I am a visual person, and this is a good way to ensure that everything is allotted enough space.
You can plant these small peat pots directly into the soil, but I think it can be hard for the pot to break down properly once buried (most things need sunlight to biodegrade). To remove the seedling from the pot: tip the pot on its side, gently hold the seedling as close to the soil as possible, and very carefully twist and pull the pot away from the soil.
If you are like me, and plant more than one seed per peat pot, you might want to separate them. Gently pull them away from eachother, leaving as many roots intact as possible.
Do you have potatoes in your pantry that look like this? Well instead of throwing them out, plant them in your garden! Cut your potatoes in half (or more if they are big), ensuring that there are 2 eyes per piece. If there are roots started when you plant, make sure to point those down towards the earth. And make sure to keep them covered as they begin to grow. An uncovered potato will turn green, which is poisonous! Eeek!
I planted mine in a trench. You could plant in a mound, or if space is limited in an old tire (to encourage them to grow up instead of out).
We had some rain this weekend, and I check the garden last night and almost everything has begun to sprout! I am so excited for fresh from the garden produce!

What are you excited about?

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  1. Oh, cute! :) and good tip about the potatoes - it's so humid here mine always start growing stuff! lol.


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