Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For the Love of Friends and Family!

So I mentioned on Saturday that I had a shower to go to. It was at my mother's house in Orillia, and jointly hosted between her and my maid of honour - Caitlin. And I have to say, I had such a lovely time. There were ladies there from all parts of my life - elementary school, high school, university, teachers, sports, music, friends, family. It was was amazing! Everyone went in together to get us some patio furniture, and Reggie and I will be going to pick some out tonight (I will be sure to share what we get).
I was a beautiful day! I wore a party dress (something that doesn't happen all that often).
I was gifted so many wonderful things, thank goodness Caitlin was there to write them all down for me. And my mom gave me a chocolate rose - that woman knows the way to my heart! xox
Because I like to bake/cook and garden Caitlin asked everyone to bring a plant from their garden, and a recipe to share. I received more recipes than I could bake in a month, and enough plants to fill all the gardens in my yard (and most are already full). So in-between thank-yous I am going to have to find time for some recipe trials and some gardening!

Also, I took Caitlin to see the Wedding ceremony (photoed above) and reception locations. We had a great time admiring all the flowers and frolicking in the sunshine!

Thank you everyone for such a lovely afternoon!

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  1. "frolicking" - see running as fast as I can away from a bee. haha i love that you put that up...and my shadow in that photo.


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