Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pip Update: 8 Months

From the eyes of a sweet little Pipster!

I'm getting big, you'd never believe it! The last month has been so busy I feel like it might have been more, but mama tells me it was only a month. I'm growing into clothes that were bought quite big and given to me as gifts - I think mom is hoping the growing slows a little so I can wear some of these cute things for more than a minute.
I like to snuggle with daddy on the couch, which was great in late December because he was off work for a little bit, and I got lots of snuggle time in. And of course I had my first Christmas! It was completely overwhelming. We went to daddy's parent's house on Christmas day and I had two very long naps, then on boxing day we visited mama's family and after a busy day, late night and morning of travelling I decided not to nap. But everyone kept me entertained with rides on shoulders, new toys and of course delicious holidays dinners :)

The few days after Christmas were great for lounging around! With Gunner in his Christmas collar and my in my candycane pjs; there is nothing cuter!

And just last week it was Daddy's birthday! Mama let me hang out with no pants throughout the day, which I thought was great until I realized she just wanted to get photos of my chubby legs - good thing I'm an easy going guy! In the evening we celebrated with Daddy's family and I even got to have some cheesecake :)
What else did I get up to this month? I went on my first ice-fishing trip, I started to clap and wave and make all kinds of cute sounds, and I'm trying to figure out how to get my toys that roll away. I'm getting there, I think before too long I'll have it all figured out, and then look out mom!

I hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful! I'll check in again in another month :)

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