Thursday, January 24, 2013

Let me Introduce you...

I have a pretty fantastic gal to introduce to you today, she's one of the most honest and open people, and bloggers, I have ever met. So take a look, and make sure you read right to the end, because she's got a little something for my wonderful readers!

Meet Marcy:

I started blogging back in 2010 after I read my girl Britty Bear's blog  Honestly I had NO idea what I should write about?!
I didn't have the slightest idea of how to "bring all da blogga's to muh yahd?"
Then I just started stalking all kinds of you women's and it just went from there...
...and I started writing about my upcoming nuptials...
...and I threw some beer and even wine into the mix...
My goal was just to meet new friends and have an outlet for myself. To document my life and I have horrible penmanship anyways so this was the best option for me.
They have totally changed. At first I was a fish out of water...
My blog three years ago and my blog today are completely different.
Somehow I figured out that I was actually kind of funny, I liked to curse, and I was quite snarky.
People like that apparently...
That is essentially what started bringing "all dem blogga's to muh yahd!"
I share a lot of ME. I am one of those people that, "what you see is definitely what you get." At this point in my life you either like me or you don't. You will find a lot of pictures of my family, friends, mustache shenanigans, and my over usage of GIF's. 
and how I have managed to drop 80 pounds so far since July... But that's no big deal right?

How in the hell did I fit my ass down that slide I will NEVER know?!
I like to party. That is all.
Oh and I am seriously OCD/ADHD/Anal Retentive.
So on a daily basis you can find me losing my shit on my poor family and driving them bat shit crazy when one thing is out of place.
...said no parent ever except me...
In a nutshell and in the words of my home slice Sammy I am the sweetest bitch you will ever meet just don't piss me off...

Intrigued?  You can find Marcy here:

And since Marcy is such an amazing girl she is offering one lucky reader
A year ad space on her blog! ($100 value)
$10 Starbucks Gift Certificate
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  1. I love Marcy's blog, especially all the gifs, hilarious!

  2. Great giveaway! Thanks! Love your blog too! So many great things to read about!

  3. My blog is only a few months old so I would love some extra exposure with the ad space!! :)

  4. A year of ad space! It would give me the time to build a customer base for my shop when a marketing budget is just not in the picture yet! :D


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