Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Golden Anniversary Cookies: With My Girl Thursday

Hello cookie lovers! I'm so happy to be here today to share my absolute favourite holiday Christmas cookie with you all!

Every single Christmas of my life these cookies have been present. For years and years I resisted. I mean, they're not very pretty so it wasn't hard. To top it off I was on a nut-free diet. Not that I'm allergic, just neurotic...about nuts....okay. Anywho, one year I caved and I found myself in cookie bliss. Icing sugar, chocolate chips and ever the dreaded pecan. Love!

Perhaps the most controversial thing about this confection is that it's not intended for the holiday season at all (gasp!). It's true folks. These cookies were originally created by some food company somewhere to honour their own 50th anniversary. Whatever the reason for their creation I say hurrah! Try the recipe below and you'll find out why:

Golden Anniversary Cookies

1 3/4 c pasty flour
3/4 c chopped pecans
1 c chocolate chips
3/4 c butter (room temperature)
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 c icing sugar (plus a little extra for dusting)
3/4 tsp rum extract
2 tsp cold water

Combine flour, pecans and chocolate chips. Cream butter and gradually add salt and icing sugar. Cream until fluffy. Add rum extract and water. Mix. Gradually add flour mixture to the butter mixture and blend.

Preheat over to 325F. Mold dough into balls or crescents on an ungreased pan. Bake for 23 minutes or cookies have browned the teeny-tiny bit.

Sprinkle cookies with icing sugar while they are still warm.

To make the baking process even sweeter I would suggest pressing play on the video below. Bing, no matter which carol he's singing, is the absolute best.

Thanks for joining me and all my sugary bliss today! Be sure to stop by my blog My Girl Thursday if you have a chance for even more holiday happiness.
Thanks so much Thursday! And I know I missed yesterday. Things are getting a little busy around here with work, colds, Christmas shopping and other festive things. I promise to get caught up tonight, which means tomorrow you might even have a few recipes! :)

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