Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From the Rock: Mummering

I know it has been a rather long time since I have written a 'From the Rock' post. I am hoping to get back at it, and do it about once a month (or maybe more). I'm hoping it helps to keep me, my blog, and you lovely readers a little connected with where the inspiration for this blog originated!

If you were to visit Newfoundland this time of year, you might see some oddly dressed folks dancing, and demanding food and drink. Mummering, also known as janneying, is a traditional activity where a group of friends would dress-up, hide their identity and go from house to house in their community singing, dancing and demand food and drink until their neighbours could guess their identities all during the 12 days of Christmas.

This activity helped to create a social time that the locals could look forward to during the long cold days of winter. The tradition hasn't quite kept up with the times today, I think some people might be afraid of letting a masked person into their homes. But the province is trying to keep the traditional activity alive in the spirit of the holidays with a festival every year in December which ends in the mummers parade. Below is a short video from this year's mummers festival parade.

This year's Mummers Festival has already passed, but there is no reason why you couldn't start thinking about next years! Doesn't it look like a lot of fun!? For more information on the festival visit the website here.

I will be back tomorrow with another delicious cookie recipe, from a good blog friend. Until then, visit the Mummers Festival site, and learn a little more about a traditional Newfoundland activity!

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