Thursday, November 3, 2011

Finding my Inner Child

So this week over on the 7 Day Push the challenge is to let your Inner Child Out. And this is something I think I find time for on a fairly regular basis. I have worked a lot with children in a camp/coach setting and I always found it was more fun to come down to their level and enjoy things rather than thinking about them too much.


Children don't have the worries and responsibilities of an adult, and for many of us, once we become adults we forget what it is like to be carefree and fun-loving. So I encourage you to get down on your knees with your kids, or your nephew, or your neighbour's daughter and try to see the world through his/her eyes. It's different, but wonderful, and I find the more time you take to see the world through a child's eyes the more relaxed and happy you will be. Really, the dishes, the laundry, believe me they will be there when you get back. Go jump in the leaves!



  1. I love this! I am never around kids anymore so this is something I really need to work on!

  2. I always have to remind myself to think and act like a kid with my boys while they still want me too! lol
    PS - My mister and I are currently living in NL! that's all... just seemed like something worth mentioning given your blog title :)


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