Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Favourite: Story

I don't remember the year I received this book, but I was fairly small. And it became a tradition in our family to read it at Christmas time. When I was small my mom or dad couldn't read through the whole story in one sitting because I would fall asleep. And even though I knew the story I would love to hear it again year after year. It is a beautiful story about a small girl (Ivy) from an orphanage who ends up in a small British Town admiring a beautiful doll (Holly) in a toy store window. The story is well written, and the illustrations take you back to a simpler Christmas time.
Now I still find myself thinking about the story when the Christmas Season gets near and waiting excitedly to flip through the beautifully illustrated pages and well written story. I hope I can continue this tradition in the future with a little one of my own.

Do you have a favourite holiday story?

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  1. I've never heard of this story so I can't wait to read it now!! :]


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