Monday, January 18, 2016

Foaming Hand Soap

Many people wonder why I would bother to go to the 'trouble' of making my own cleaning and body care products. I have been dabbling in homemade products for about 6 years, but never committed fully to replacing all of the products in our home. In the past I replaced many of the regular products with those from The Honest Company, it is great company and I love the products, but ordering products every 5-6weeks was getting expensive. I knew there was a better way. Since I joined Young Living I have been replacing traditional solutions to ailments and cleaning with essential oils. Making our home and bodies healthier.
I am making about 1 product day right now. So it isn't time consuming and you use really cost effective ingredients (and a small amount of them). And so far I am over the moon with the results!

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

12oz       Previously boiled water, cooled (or distilled if you have it)
2tbsp      Castile Soap
1/2tsp     Olive Oil (optional*)
5-8drops Essential Oils

Add the water to the jug, leaving about 1" of space from the top. Then add the Castile Soap, Olive Oil and Essential Oils (I used 3 drops Thieves, and 5 Orange, you can use any scent you like). Shake gently to combine.

*The Olive Oil will help keep your pump working well, and make your Essential Oils last longer but isn't necessary.

Have you made your own soap? What oils did you use?


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