Monday, January 23, 2012

Resolutions, Goals, Hopes, Dreams

I know, I'm a little late getting these out. I don't usually make resolutions because I don't believe that a person should wait until we add a new number to end of the year to make goals that work on bettering oneself, but there are a few things I have been wanting to work on. So I figured what better way than to to make them public.

Before I give you my list of goals. I'm going to share something from my intro business class that I took about 5 or 6 years ago (And I'm sure many of you have heard it before). That is, goals should be S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.

So, to ensure that I am meeting all of the goal setting criteria, I am going to create categories, and then break them down into smaller, more specific goals.

And here are a few more specifics on each one:

  • There's a baby on the way! So I'm in nesting mode. But more important than pretty paints and fabrics is getting rid of some of the excess stuff. I'm going to try to put some energy (a couple hours) each week into going through crafting supplies, files, clothes, and making sure that everything has a neat and tidy place.
  • I have a lot on the go :) And something I always struggle with is time management. So I want to work on finding ways to organize the small things in my life, by making more lists (and checking them off), sticking to a schedule, and writing things down so I don't forget (starting today!).
  •  I've been getting more into graphic design recently (like my graphic above). Nothing crazy, just dabbling. But I really enjoy it. I would like to do more of it, and put it to use in my blog/shop.
  • I have a few sewing projects on the go, and more and more keep piling up in my brain (I blame Pip!). I would like to work through a few of these, and ensure that I am taking on new challenges in order to keep increasing my skills. I will try to keep to one/week (or per two weeks) in order to keep things moving.
  • I haven't done a lot of rug-hooking recently. I would like to get started on a new, big, project. It is something that takes a long time, and I am likely to want breaks as I work on it. I likely won't finish this by the end of 2012, but one can always hope!
  • I have a few projects I have been working on to add to my etsy shop. I would like to get at least one of the completed and in the shop by mid-February.
  • I love to take photos. And I have a rather nice SLR, it's a film SLR mind you, but it takes wonderful photos. It has been sitting in it's bag since DLSRs became the big thing, but I think I might dust it off and try to do a nature shoot once a month. (something I used to do regularly).
  • This is everyone's favourite! I need to keep better track of what I am spending, NOW! And make sure that I am not spending unnecessarily (this is where my great new organizing will come in handy).
  • I have already started to put $10 a pay cheque into a savings account. Which isn't a lot but at least it is something. I would like to continue this, and perhaps increase it a little.
  • I am really good a writing budgets, but I usually get over whelmed and neglect them. I would like to write a weekly, monthly and yearly budget for our family and stick to it.... 
  • I have an RRSP (which I need to contribute more to), and I found that talking to a financial advisor can be very helpful. I am going to make an appointment to go in and see someone by the end of February and talk about some of our options.
And, the MOST important goal: Keep my connection with Newfoundland strong. They are wonderful people and I miss them and the place a lot. Hopefully one day soon we will be able to go visit. Until then, I have my blog and all my Newfoundland inspired activities!

Wow, that turned out to be a little longer than expected. If you stuck through the whole way, thanks! It's nice to know someone is listening. How are your resolutions coming along so far?

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  1. Good for you Margot! You might want to start a account for your budget goals. I find it really helpful for keeping track of my finances. xo


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