Friday, January 27, 2012

Printable List!

I really enjoy grocery shopping, and anytime I go without a list very bad things happen! I always have a pad of paper stuck on the fridge to write down items we need or run out of during the week, and then right before I go to the store I do a little meal planning and add anything that we don't normally stock in the pantry or fridge.

While writing my list I like to have similar items grouped together, which can sometimes get a little squishy depending on how I've written things so far. I tried looking online for a printable list but I wasn't a big fan of any of the lists I saw, and sticking with my recent post about resolutions and goals,  I decided I could make a list just the way I want it. I think this little number fits into all three categories on my goals list: organization, creativity, and money. (To see the original goal post, click here.)

As you can see it is a pretty basic list. We don't purchase a lot of pre-made, packaged, processed foods, and while shopping I usually stick to the outer rim of the store. This keeps me from impulse purchases such as chips or candy. There is a very short meat section, because Reggie is a hunter and a fisherman and most of the meat we eat he has harvested himself. The bulk section is rather long. I actually shop at a different store for these items - but I like to have them all on the same list. And I get most of our pantry items there, including all dry baking goods, pasta, legumes, rice, tea, etc. so I find myself needing lots of space in the bulk food section more often than not.

This is a jpeg version, feel free to print this one. However, if this list fits your style and you think you might like to use it write a little comment below with your e-mail and I will send you the PDF version, with 4 copies per page! Then print and use as you like. I think I am going to get a few printed up and made into tear-away pads. I might even add them to the shop.

So here's to starting off the New year right with creative organization that will help to keep overspending to minimum!

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  1. So so smart! My list is always a jumbled mess and I hate having to head back somewhere in the grocery store when I have already been there! I will definitely be utilizing this!


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