Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This past weekend was Reggie's birthday. He is an avid fisherman anytime of the year and really wanted to get his ice hut out on the lake. So Saturday we drove up, knowing the recent weather had not been promising for good ice conditions. We decided to walk out and check the ice along the way. It was a beautiful day for a walk on a lake!

We decided we had better wait, and left the hut on shore and drove home. Saturday overnight was very cold and we were hopeful that it would thicken the ice a little bit. Sure enough when we arrived on Sunday around noon the cold temperatures had increased the ice depth by an inch or two everywhere we checked - so out the hut went!
Another gorgeous day on the ice! We stayed late until it was quite dark and then made our way home. I think it was a pretty good weekend for the birthday boy even though the fish weren't really biting. And it was the first trip to the hut for the little one (does in the belly count?).

What was your weekend like?


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures! Hope he had a wonderful birthday! Happy belated Birthday, Reggie!

  2. I would say that in the belly does count. If my daughter ever says she has never been to France I will say yes you have you were in my belly when you went. ; )

    That is a cool looking hut. I have never done anything like that but it looks cool. I am wondering what the inside of the hut looks like. Also Happy Birthday to your hubby.


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