Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wedding: Handmade Decor

There were a few details in the wedding that were handmade, and I'm pretty excited to share. I wish I could have done more by hand, but with my busy job this summer it just wasn't feasible (and thank goodness for my mom, or there wouldn't have been as much as there is!)
So as you can see there wasn't an overwhelming amount of decor. The ceremony took place outside at a beautiful property owned by friends of the family. We added a little colour with some potted mums, artificial fall leaves and pumpkins. Mom and I chose the mums, but she was the one to display them so nicely while I was busy getting my hair done and dress on!

At the reception we kept things simple. Mom and I collected pine cones during the summer, to fill glass jars and use as added decoration on the tables. Mom wrapped the mason jars in a light blue yarn and filled them with different coloured daises. She also made all the bows, and put together the grapevine decorations. What a talented mom I have! (and even after having more than one meltdown - thanks mom!)

And finally, I made some delicious treats for our lovely guests to take home, and we outfitted them with a little hand-stamped veneer. The stamp was ordered from this shop, and I highly recommend it! The flavours were strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, peach jams, and grape jelly. I never did try the grape, I hope it was delish!

Well, that's a pretty big post. I'm overwhelmed, and I can only assume you feel the same. Be sure to check back tomorrow for some Hallowe'en decor tips!

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  1. I love all of these. And your wedding location was gorgeous!! Also, I'm pretty jealous that all of your guests got jam!! I want some! :)


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