Friday, October 7, 2011


Last weekend Reggie and I went to some farming neighbours to see if there was somewhere close-by where Reggie could hunt for deer (I'm going to talk about this more in the future). After stopping at the first place we saw someone outside we were following a truck down a gravel road to a beautiful field. After exchanging some contact information the owner of the land went on his way and Reggie was eager to go for a walk and explore the property. It was a beautiful day for a walk, bright blue sky, changing fall colours, and a warm afternoon breeze.
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How is your Autumn turning out?

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  1. Hello Margot!
    Lovely pictures and lovely place!
    Seems Autumn here in Rome hasn't begun yet. Although nights are getting colder, days are still warm and sunny.
    I am going to go out for a walk tomorrow morning. Me and my boyfriend usually go out for a long walk on Saturday morning and it's nice to see how Nature changes week after week. Now the field is full of nuts and acorns. :)


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