Friday, November 30, 2012

Pip Update: 6 Months (a little less late)

From the eyes of a sweet little Pipster!

These last couple months have just flown by! I thought the summer was busy with all our travelling and visiting friends and family, but things really haven't slowed down since then. I recently got my first (and second) cold. Which I think was harder for mom because I don't sleep very well when I'm stuffy, and after my first cold mom got one that lasted a long time and she was really tired. Now I'm on my second and daddy's got one too. They told me this is normal for the wintertime, but I don't like it. These colds can just take a hike!
Posing with Daddy and his deer!
In other news I am a big boy! I haven't been to the doctor for my sixth month check-up yet, but mama and daddy guess I'm about 20lbs! And I have teeth! Just the bottom front two, mama tried to get a photo but I guess I'm a bit of a monkey and it was too hard.

And I'm eating solids now, I have been for a while. And I always hear people say I'm a good eater, so I guess that's a good thing. I really like pears, applesauce, and berries; but most of all I want what my parent's are eating! I guess I have to wait for a few more teeth.

Well it's just about time for my nap, mama needs a break. I hope everyone is getting excited for Christmas. I hear it's a big deal but I'm not sure I'll get it for another year or two.


(obviously this was written earlier, and just posted now... even later ;)

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