Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pip Update: 5 Months (a little late)

So this will be short and sweet, because I'm obviously a little late! The last few months have just flown by, with little time for anything let alone blogging. So it's been a little quiet around here the last little while. But I do have some posts planned, and once this cold is gone for good I have lots of things I want to share on here!
I couldn't believe it when we hit 5 months! Where did the time go? Pip is such a smiley baby sometimes I spend the days just playing with him.
At Thanksgiving he finally met my baby brother, and had a great time visiting with him and my family :)
He loves to play on his changing table, not the safest place, but I make sure I'm right there! And he loves his bog brother, Gunner. Gunner has also taken a keen interest in licking leftover milk and food off of Pip's face. He's also enjoying tummy time a little more, he can hold himself up and likes to dig his little toes into the ground - I think he'll figure it out soon. And, he has been chewing everything in sight, I think there are bound to be teeth soon!
Isn't he a cute little guy? I know, I'm biased, but he is so content it is hard to complain about him! And be sure to check back in a few days, I'll post about the most recent month, because we are about to hit 6 months! Wow!



  1. Oh, goodness! Pip is such a handsome young chap with a contagious smile. Thanks for sharing the photographs with us. Sounds like he has an idyllic demeanor to go with that smile. Oh, wonderful life!

  2. Aw, he is so precious! SO handsome and gorgeous! I can't believe it's been 5 months already!
    Hugs xxx

    P.S. You will not believe it - the package I sent to you ages ago...came back was totally torn and half of it's contents was missing. I am in the process of complaining about it at the German post office and hope to get a reimbursement - it was insured, thank goodness! I will, however, try to send something one more time, I feel extremely bad about you not getting your part of the agreement...and it's been forever...and every time I eat some of that delicious syrup I feel so guilty...
    I will put together a fun package and send it using some other mailing service to make sure you will get it! Is there anything in particular you would like to have? Please do let me know! :)


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