Sunday, April 22, 2012

In the Garden: Earth Day Garden Peeks

Happy Earth Day everyone! I'm a little late in the date I know, but I'm celebrating still :) Today I spent a good amount of time inside, organizing my craft corner (more on that later;), and Reggie spent most of the day outside cleaning the yard. Usually I would help in this department, but at 36 1/2 weeks we thought perhaps I should sit this year out. I did make regular visits outside to take in the sunshine, get some fresh air, and visit the garden. And look what's blooming:
And, on another positive note, my seedlings are growing and happy! I will have peppers and tomatoes from seed this year! I meant to plant a few others this weekend, but the time just flew by, so they will have to wait a day or two.

How are your gardening adventures going so far? Any exciting discoveries?

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  1. Belated Happy Earth day to you too Margot. Thanks for those beautiful pictures of your blooming bulbs; we don't have anything blossoming yet. But my little seedlings are doing quite well. Just transplanted some tomato seedlings into bigger pots yesterday. That always makes me happy! :D


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