Monday, April 16, 2012

Vintage Finds

This weekend, while visiting with my family for our Easter. My mom had been cleaning out one of my grandmother's dressers. She came across some things she put aside for me to look at. I chose a few scarves with patterns/colours I liked, some silk, some cotton.
I'm not sure they are all actually vintage, but I think a few are. No matter, I like them anyways and they belonged to my grandmother so they are special to me. Have you found any sweet finds lately?

I want to share a couple cute photos from our weekend away also, but I will do that in a separate post. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!



  1. They're beautiful! (And vintage if something that is 50+ years old, so they probably are!)

  2. Absoloutely beautiful patterns + colors! What a find!

  3. love the new look!!!
    i've nominated you for both the sunshine award and the blogger appreciation :)


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