Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Magic of Sparkle

I am a lucky lady. I spend my summers working outside in a park it is a busy and tiring job, but I love it. Then, in the off season, I work part time at a local retail location, which I also love and spend time at home with my little man. That is except for one day. One day a week my in-laws are wonderful enough to watch Pip so I can focus on my creative pursuits (or house cleaning, but most the creative thing ;).

Yesterday was that one day. Reggie takes our little guy in to town, and I have one full work day to get as much accomplished as possible. And soon as they left... I wanted so badly to sunggle back under the warmth of our duvet and snooze, but... ain't nobody got time for that!

It was a beautiful bright morning with a sparkly hard frost, and I decided to take the pup, my camera and a hot cup of tea and head for the woods. And I remembered (as I do every time I head out on a photography adventure), why I love the art. A quiet morning in the crisp, cool air with my thoughts and my lens. I took a number of photos, likely more than 200, and of course only have a few to work with, but I wanted to share a couple with you.

Here is a peek of my adventure into the magical world of an early morning sparkle:

These will make their way into my shop in the next couple weeks, as prints and cards. And, I would love and feedback you have!

I hope you are having a wonderful day, and you have better weather where ever you are (it's rainy here)!


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