Thursday, October 24, 2013

Espanola Fibre Arts Festival

Are you noticing a theme? So far my fall has been busy with fibre arts and crafts, and I love it! Last weekend Pip, my mom and I made the rather long trip up to Espanola, Ontario to attend their Fibre Arts Festival. We stayed with some friends on Friday, and then Saturday morning as my brother was prepared to look after Pip, mom and I headed to Espanola to set-up for the festival. It was cool and rainy but what a warm atmosphere inside!
Above is a view of my tables (I'm in the blue sweater, looking into the basket on the left), one of the few photos of the day, none of which I took. I was so busy demonstrating rug-hooking, giving mini lessons and selling my introduction to rug-hooking kits I barely even had time to eat. I was surprised, but I sold out of almost everything I took, and people were so interested to learn about the craft, and where I learned.

I also taught a workshop in the afternoon to a group of 15 people, 8 of whom were kids around the age of 10. And everyone loved it! I so enjoy teaching, it is awesome to watch as people begin to understand the craft, and then through the workshop become more proficient. I am hoping I get some photos of completed work, or even semi-completed with questions would be exciting!

Overall it was an amazing day! I am definitely planning on heading back next year, partly because I didn't have time to see the other artists and displays, but mostly because it was such a relaxed, positive and encouraging atmosphere! Thanks so much to the Espanola Fibre Arts Festival for putting on such an awesome event, and to my mom for helping run my table - couldn't have done it without you!

I am planning on stocking Hooked Goods with some patterns in the next week or two, and if you are local to Peterborough there is another workshop at Needles in the Hay on November 2nd.

Happy Crafting!

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