Friday, March 15, 2013

Lies on Facebook, and elsewhere...

I read this blog post a little while ago on Raising Kvell. I'm not Jewish, but this post still rang very true with me. The author shares her posts from facebook, which depict a happy, shiny family getting along perfectly well on a beautiful sunny morning. Then, she proceeds to describe how her day actually rolled out - very different.

I'd recommend if you have a minute to read the post in the above link. It's entertaining in the least, but I am sure we are all guilty of sharing only the happy parts of our lives in facebook - so we can all relate. Anyways, in light of this post I thought I might share a couple of the not so happy moments with little Pip. Just so you all know he isn't always a perfectly happy little fella!

 Only a few weeks old, he was so cold and mad when I decided to take his photo post bath.
Daddy and I have both attempted to use our computer while holding the baby - it is impossible now as he is very interested, and given the chance would love to mash those keys :)
Waiting for daddy to load the boat when leaving the cottage, the tired hungry little guy was not happy to be placed in the 'soft' grass.
 When photo shoots are most important... and baby's comfort not. (2 months)
  Again, too many photos make an unhappy babe.
Not particularly happy on his tummy, the smile lasted about 3 seconds, and turned to this expression followed closely by a loud scream. (about 7 months)

I'm bad for mostly taking photos when he is happy and smiling. I think after the post I read I am going to try to share some 'real life' photos and stories, along with the happy, smiley ones.

Hope your Friday is wonderful!

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