Monday, March 18, 2013

A Day without Milk

You might think I'm referring to my little guy, however, I am in fact referring to myself. This morning we woke after an extremely busy weekend, with no milk in the fridge. Now for most people this is not a big deal, but for me, this is a problem! I have cereal every morning and I drink copious amounts of tea throughout the day - always with milk. But this morning there was none. And we don't live especially close to a store, nor did I have the enthusiasm before breakfast. I usually have evaporated or dry milk powder in the cupboard for baking, and have been known to dip into these in the case of a dire emergency. But we were all out of these too! Not even a little yogurt that I could have with my cereal. What is a girl to do? Well I survived. And I thought you might be interested in what I came up with.

For breakfast I had some toast: homemade oatmeal bread, with grape jelly on one slice and peach jam on the other. And I did have tea, spiced chai rooibos, without milk, but it was still delicious!
For lunch Pip and I had left over moose steak, rice and asparagus. And for dessert I thawed some frozen strawberries and blueberries, mixed them with canned peaches from the summer and some homemade granola... and delicious!

For supper we are planning to have some bear soup from the freezer (yes I said bear) and homemade oatmeal bread. And perhaps some more frozen berries for dessert :)

Now I have to admit I just sent an e-mail to Reggie, asking for him to pick up a few things on his way home, milk being one of them. And I can't promise I'm not going to have some cereal when he gets here. It seems I just can't make it through a day without milk.

Is there anything you can't bear to go without?

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  1. It can be really hard to be out of milk! I totally understand your pain. I'm glad you survived! Interesting that you put milk in your tea. I hardly ever put milk in my te, which my English friend find rather shocking!


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