Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 Penny Pinching Tips: Clothes Shopping with Vanessa

So I'm working on bringing back a few readers' favourite series from last year, and one of my sponsors offered to help me out with this one!
Hi there, Newfoundlander at Heart readers! I'm Vanessa, and normally you'd find me over at my blog Nessbow, writing about fashion, thriftiness, geekery and other awesome things. I've also written a couple of e-books about budgeting and thrifting. But today I'm here to share 5 of my very best penny-pinching tips to help you get the most out of your wardrobe without emptying your wallet.

This entire outfit cost me $19. For reals.


1. Make the most of the sales. End-of-season sales are the very best time to stock up on clothing. You can find new gear that's anywhere between 30-70% cheaper than normal at the end-of-season sales. Keep in mind that retail seasons are different to natural seasons. For example, stores will generally begin marking down their winter stock about eight weeks before the end of winter. Boxing Day and Black Friday are also prime shopping days (if you can stand the crowds). At sale time, stock up on basic items such as underwear, plain-coloured tees, jeans, sweaters and hosiery. The more you save on basics, the more cash you'll have to play with when it comes to buying fun, trend items. 

This jumper is one of my favourite thrift finds. Just $5.

2. Explore the wonderful world of thrift-shopping. I buy about 70% of my clothes from thrift stores. Not only is it a great way to save cash, but you'll collect a wardrobe full of fun, unique items. Thrift stores have a high turnover of stock, so make sure that you visit regularly to ensure that you get the pick of the litter.

3. Create a wish-list of items you'd like to add to your wardrobe. It should include wardrobe staples as well as fashion fantasy items. Take this list with you when you go shopping. Use it as a guide when deciding which items you should purchase. If an item isn't on your list, don't buy it. Update the list regularly, striking off items that you've bought and adding new things as you need them.

4. Learn to love lay-by. Most large stores offer a lay-by option, and it's a great way to save money. When items go on sale, choose all the things you need and them put them on lay-by. That way, you can pay them off gradually and still get them at the sale price.

5. Look for the hidden potential in items that are already in your wardrobe. The average woman only wears a third of her wardrobe on a regular basis. Chances are, you've already got loads of fantastic clothes that you rarely wear. Each week, pull two or three of these neglected items out of your wardrobe and make a pact with yourself to wear them before the week is out. Not only will it force you to be more creative with the way you dress, but you'll get more mileage out of the clothes you already own. You might even find a new favourite without having to spend a cent.

So there are five of my favourite tips for saving cash on clothing. I hope you've enjoyed this post. Happy shopping!

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  1. Great ideas! We have a new thrift store opening up soon and I'm hoping to make some great scores on dress slacks and other necessities! :D


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