Sunday, October 28, 2012

I did it again...

Where did October go? I had so much planned for the blog this month, but none of it has turned out quite the way I expected. But that is ok, I have been working hard on other fronts, and we were without internet for a week or so, which would have made blogging very difficult!

I have been working hard to get Knotted Tree ready for the holidays, trying to add some additions that would help make a print a great gift! And if you remember, a long ways back, I signed up for a craft show to take place in early December. And guess what? It is almost November! So needless to say I have been buckling down to get my creations ready for the show!

Now back on the blog front, if we turn back almost a year to last December... I had a Christmas Cookie Countdown and I have to say, that was a pretty popular event. So this year I plan to repeat the countdown, except with a few changes. Each of the three weeks before Christmas will have a different theme: cookies, squares, cakes and loaves. All good gifts to give at Christmas! And, each Friday I will hold a link-up where you can share posted recipes that you've tried or your favourites that you would like to share! But, as I said last year, I can't bake all these recipes alone, so I am looking to you to share some delicious recipes with my readers here on Newfoundlander at Heart. If you are interested in helping me out by sharing a recipe or hosting a link-up, simply fill out the form.

I hope everyone's October has been wonderful! And don't worry, I will be back (soon this time) with a few posts that I have half completed in my drafts list.


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