Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pip Update: 6 Weeks (almost)

From the eyes of a sweet little Pipster!

This weekend mom and I went to visit her parents. And all everyone keeps saying is how much hair I have and how big I am! I guess now that I am almost 6 weeks I am getting pretty big. I have nice long toes, and every once in a while you can catch me smiling! It was nice to visit with Grandma and Grandad, later daddy came and brought Gunner with him and there was lots of commotion!

Grandma took lots of time getting the antique crib out of storage, and washed all the blankets for me. And it must be really lucky because last night I slept more than six hours at once! Mom wasn't sure what to do when she woke feeling rather rested. This morning I got to snuggle with Grandma, there is nothing better than snuggling with Grandmas! I also received a present from my Great Aunt Ann - mom wrapped me in my new burrito blanket for my morning nap and it was great!
I'm eating lots, sleeping more, and growing so fast! Before you know I'll be walking. Grandma thinks that I don't want to be a baby, I just want to grow up and be a little boy. And I'm not sure what being a little boy is all about but I think I sounds pretty neat.

Thanks for catching up with me, I'll be sure to check in again soon!

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  1. Oh my goodness what a cutie pie! Thank you so much for linking your adorable little man up! I love his name too! :) Now following your blog too! xo.


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