Sunday, June 17, 2012

In the Garden: Growing

So last week I shared my sweet little pot garden. And I thought I would share some progress. With the warm weather and rain we have had recently the tomatoes are growing like crazy. I think that a couple of them will begin to ripen soon!
So far we have 6 tomatoes, with flowers turning in all the time, and lots more flowers on the plant! I am so excited for fresh tomatoes, right off the plant. For salads, toppings, fresh salsa, and hopefully a batch of spaghetti sauce to store for the winter. :)
And I decided to re-organize my herbs and add a few. I found this willow planter at the Superstore Garden Center and I think it is the perfect place for my herbs. So in this planter I have lemon thyme, cilantro (one of my faves!), garlic, dill, basil and lavender.
Something got into my dill plant, and ate all the dill off the ends! I'm hoping it comes back, this is one issue with gardening - pests! I'm just not sure what I am up against in this case :)
Anyways, aside from the missing dill I am super happy with the way everything is growing. I think this was the best choice for this summer, when I don't have a lot of time to spend out in the far end of the yard at the garden. Next summer Pip can frequent the garden with me, and it will be a little easier!

I hope things are growing well in your garden :)

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  1. Wow - look at those green tomatoes. We have blossoms, but nothing like that yet. Your herbs look beautiful! All of my parsley was nibbled off (pretty sure it was a chipmunk) so I feel your pain about the dill. Darn those garden pests!


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