Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter Fun for Everyone

This weekend we packed the family up and headed North. I know, some of you are thinking 'don't they already live North?'. Well friends, we went further North.

It all started with an idea. We heard about the ice trail at Arrowhead Provincial Park, and thought it would make a fun winter destination. So we found a place to stay near-by and made a weekend of it. We bribed the boys with the promise of ice-fishing, and off we went.
Photo Credit: Nicole
We arrive at the cabin around supper time, on Friday. Moved in, had some food and the boys headed out to set-up the ice-hut for the weekend. The first night proved to be difficult to convince the pre-schooler to go to bed. Pip was just too excited about everything we had planned and refused to go to bed until almost midnight (yawn). In the morning we relaxed, ate some food, the boys did a little more fishing, and we headed out to Arrowhead in the afternoon.
Pip is still just learning how to skate, and in the beginning he wanted Daddy to carry him. Finally, dad decided on tough love. He put Pip on the ice trail and stood to the side. After a minute or two Pip was standing on his own, and trying to move forward. One of the cutest things I have seen since becoming a parent!
The ice trail is 1.3km loop, on an ice covered road through a campground. It has only been open for the last three years, and has become quite the popular winter destination. We went on a Saturday, which (after a little late research) is the busiest day! If you are thinking about heading up there perhaps try for a Sunday afternoon. Even though it was very busy, it was a lot of fun. I would love to go back sometime, but I think we will wait until the kidlets are a little bigger.
Emi rode in the chariot (thank goodness for that invention). And after skating like mad to lull her to sleep, she slept the entire time! She also had a great time snuggling with everyone during our cottage time. On our way out, our friends noticed that Arrowhead also has tubing, and decided to return the next morning for some more outdoor fun. I figured our little guys were too small for that, so we stayed behind and had a lazy time at the cottage.

Snuggling with Daddy and smiling at Pip.
We ended the entire weekend with an awesome fish fry once we got back home. All the time the boys spent in the ice-hut resulted in a big pile of fish to clean, fry and eat! And then everyone in this house had a big sleep. It was an awesome, but extremely exhausting weekend. I understand why some people choose to stay close to home with babes, but I think the fresh air was good for everyone!

Here's to our next outdoor adventure! Spend time in nature, you will feel better :)

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  1. Aw, this looks like so much fun! great pics!
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